Alternatives to Adwords

A number of excellent alternatives exist if you’re looking to cater for a smaller budget and don’t like the Adword rates.

In addition to the cost Google Adwords has very stringent terms and conditions are that mean that many would be advertisers areĀ  turned away. If you are not satisfied with your Google Adwords experience or are looking for more cost effective alternatives then take a look at these Top 10 alternatives to Google’s Adwords program that are ideal for the small time advertiser and business.

Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo are currently trying to play catch up to Google Adwords by offering their own service which offers the same as Google. In theory this adds competition to the Adwords arena, however, in reality Yahoo’s Adwords competitor doesn’t look like being a serious competitor anytime soon. They also seem reluctant to add any small time advertisers and most potential publishers don’t even receive an acknowledgement of their application. As such their network is small and the reach of your ads will be minimal. However, their bid prices should be heaps lower than Google’s Adwords and so it can potentially offer better value for money, however, the small scope may limit its effectiveness.


AdToll pays is an adwords alternative offering creatives that charge on a CPC basis. Their interface is great and provides an easy way for you to manage your campaigns and design your ads. As an advertiser you can also transfer earnings from any publisher accounts you have in order to expand your advertising campaigns without extra expenditure. This is entirely missing from Google’s adwords program.

AdToll’s newest technology is the Peel Away Ad which is a technology that allows you to advertise in the form of ads that peel away on the top right hand side of a web site.


Clicksor is one of the major leaders in the field providing CPC and CPM advertizing solutions that are similar to Adwords but much cheaper and more effective for small businesses. They offer a huge range of advertizing formats including all of the standard Adwords formats as well as some very effective alternatives such as pop under and interstitial ads. Clicksor also lets you sign up for both an advertiser and a publisher account and then freely transfer your publishing income to your advertizing account in order to reduce your advertizing costs.

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