Considerations before you do your own SEO!

Answer these four questions before you decide to do your own SEO:

1. Do I really have time to take on the development and promotion of a website?
Most CEO’s or entrepreneurs are too busy running a business and don”t have the time to focus on SEO. They’re forecasting trends, cornering markets, and managing relationships — I suggest they focus on doing what they are good at and leave the SEO to professionals.

2. How much is my time worth?
This is a question you should always ask yourself before starting any project. Remember, time spent doing one job is time away from doing another. Again, this could mean you are actually losing money by doing the job yourself.

3. How are zal u gevraagd worden om Casino credits te kopen voor uw account. my web development skills?
Really be honest, most business people I know are not IT Geeks.

4. How good are your marketing skills?
Maybe you do have the development skills – do you have marketing skills?

Some people can do their own SEO. Some can even change the oil in their car and make their own pizzas – If you believe you have the skill to do it – and the time to do it – then DO IT! 🙂