How can I get traffic from YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most popular sites and in addition to all the fun there, YouTube offers many opportunities for promotion and getting traffic to your site.Here are some tips how to promote yourself, your site, and your products and how to get free traffic from YouTube:
1 Post viral videos
There are millions of videos on YouTube. If you post a video nobody is interested in, this video will go unnoticed. So, post useful and entertaining videos – even better – viral videos. Viral videos are not only useful videos, but they also tend to appeal to large groups of people. If your video manages to get viral, people will promote it for you and the only thing left for you is to reap the benefits.
2 Create an interesting profile
Similarly to Facebook, an interesting profile gathers interest in you.
3 Include your logo and website in the video
Your logo and your website URL are key branding elements. That is why you must include them in the video. You can include them in the beginning of the video or at the end. It is best to have your logo and URL throughout the whole video because this way you will be gaining lots of useful exposure.
4 Post quality videos
5 Promote your videos
Promote your videos on Facebook or twitter or by other means.
6 Make your videos search-friendly
One of the ways viewers find your videos is through search – both locally on YouTube and on search engines. This is why you need to make your videos search-friendly. To do this, include your major keywords in the title and in the descriptions. Also list keywords in the tags.
7 Post series
Post videos regularly – this builds audience loyalty.
8 Post video responses
Video responses are one of the unique things about YouTube and you should use it to promote yourself/ your videos.
9 Keep your videos short
3 to 5 minutes is the best duration for a video! Any longer and it gets boring!
10 Comment on other people’s videos and include a link to your site in your comment
This is called link building