How to make your small business easy to find?

If you also do business with visitors and tourists, it's up to you to make yourself easy to find.

1. Get a good sign.
Make sure it's clear and readable. Include your business name or category. Not allowed a sign due to zoning? (for example b&bs in residential areas) Get large and readable house numbers instead, and include your house number in all your promotions.

2. Check different mobile map systems and phones.
Between Google Maps, Mapquest and GPS systems, there are many variations. You may find you need to list your address in a particular way so it will come up right for visitors. The only way to know is to test. Then be sure the address you publicize is the one that works best. My house has an official county-assigned address, but it doesn't correlate to any online mapping systems.

3. Claim your business listing in Google Places.
Need help figuring it out?

4. Have at least a basic website.
Make sure you include everything on the business website checklist.

5. Write extremely clear driving directions.

Extremely clear. Here's our take on how to write better directions for tourists.