Increasing Your Online Sales

Having an online business considers several factors to attract more customers. Business strategies are way different when you’re holding it online. You have to put in mind that you have a lot of competitors in the world of internet. A number of business sites are contending for visitors’ attention. Now, it’s a matter of effective appearance, layout and content that gets the most number of site visitors and eventually, customers. Below are some of the tips that you can do to help increase your online sales.

Sell fewer products or services on your homepage. Many business sites are filled with a bunch of products and/or services that they offer all at once. This might not be a good strategy since most of your visitors just scan through the page. If a visitor sees visual and text overload, they might just click the “back button” and leave. It is recommended to have fewer products on your homepage but with good title and description about it. Focus on your lead product or service and include an effective sales letter about it.

Place your opt-in offers and hover ads on the right position. Remember that your opt-in offer is your way of getting your customers’ e-mail addresses to establish credibility and get in touch with them regularly to sell your product or service. The top-left of your homepage is where your opt-in offers should be since the viewers’ eyes are directed on this position at a glance. However, you may also opt to put it anywhere at the top-fold of the page. Your business credentials and testimonials must also be placed accordingly.

The position of hover ads is as much as important as the opt-ins. This works like pop-ups so with this, you can easily grab the visitors’ attention. Here you can offer special promos and other opt-in offers to boost your online sales.

Emphasize benefits in your headline. An effective headline must provide the answer to the customers’ problems. Thus, it must entail the benefits that they will get once they subscribe to your business. Accordingly, your headline must urge the viewers to read your sales letter on the page. Highlighting the headline will create a huge impact to the target audience to become your customers.

Show how you can resolve the problem of your audience. Relating and understanding with the customers’ problem will assure them that you are capable of resolving it. Establish the problem first on your headline and on the first few paragraphs on your homepage and then gradually introduce your product or service as a way to help them resolve their problem.

Establish your credibility and the readers’ trust on you. Make your sales copy credible enough because this will help develop the readers’ trust on your products and services. You may include testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your offers. But make sure that these are genuine and that your products or services have really solved your customers’ problem. Your goal is to convince the viewers that you offer the best solution that they are looking for.

Focus on your visitors and urge them to read over your page. Your sales copy must be directed to your target audience by using the “You Approach.” In this way, the visitors can relate more and become more interested on your offers. Most of the site visitors will just scan so to grab their attention, highlight the most important information by putting it at the center or by simply using bold or italics. You can put sub-headlines or use bullets to outline information.

Add images to improve page appearance. Visitors would want to see images of the products that you are selling. Try to put the images near the call-to-action portion or nearer the top page. However, your primary consideration should be the benefits of the products.

Keep in touch with your customers. To generate more sales, you must be able to provide automated e-mails where you can offer your products to your customers again. Repetition is a must. In this case, your subscribers will get to visit your page again. This method is also crucial to your existing customers for regular updates. It develops long-term relationships with them thus, having a more profitable trade.