Is it worth it to invest in SEO?

Internet is the fastest growing sales channel – The Australian Internet advertising industry is currently growing at 100%, whilst traditional media is growing at 5-10% per year. More of your customers are using the Internet in 2010 and you need to adjust your marketing budget accordingly.

Internet customers are ready to buy – The majority of your customers use the Internet to make their purchasing decisions. Even if your customers are not buying your products online, they are performing their research in search engines like Google to develop their shortlist of potential vendors. If you want more customers you need to be on the first page of search engines and the higher the better.

Reduce your marketing spend on PPC – Pay per click marketing programs such as Google Adwords are effective to drive instant traffic to your website and test the potential of online market segments. However, as the levels of online competition increases so does your pay per click costs. To get ahead of your competition and control your marketing costs an investment in search engine optimisation will help increase the % of organic traffic to your website, plus help your business reduce its pay per click advertising budget – generally within 6 months.

How long does it take to see results?

The answer is, there is no answer. If a prospective client asked me to answer this question in less than five minutes, I couldn’t. The one exception would be a huge brand whose site just had a few apparent flaws that could send their rankings through the roof with some minor tweaks; that’s the only scenario where you can be confident that things can happen quickly. For most Web sites, we have to look at several factors to make this determination. Even then, it’s truly an estimate/projection/guess.

We don’t know for certain when results will kick in. We don’t own the search engines. SEOs are like public relations companies. We can do the work to help your presence, but we don’t control the rankings.

For a new Web site trying to compete in one of the most competitive areas of SEO, the answer for “how long” might be one year, or more. Other sites in less competitive industries may take several months. One thing we do know is that SEO takes time – and if you want to be a top 10 company in terms of search results, you’re going to have to start committing to SEO. Always insist on a SEO service which provides reports of their work on regular basis. Looking at the report you can find whether the money invested is worthwhile or has gone down the drain.

Given the features and flexibility of Pay per click, why would people use SEO?

It comes down to two things:

cost per click and trust

SEO has zero cost per click. Of course, this doesn’t mean SEO is free. SEO is time intensive, and time costs money. It can also involve third party costs, such as link buying. However, the on-going cost of a well executed SEO campaign can come in well under that of PPC, especially if good rankings are maintained.

People also tend to trust the main listings more so than they trust the paid listings. The main listings receive the lionshare of attention and clicks.

An SEO strategy, built up over time, should reduce the cost-per-click price of a combined strategy. If a site ranks well for expensive terms, then you may be able to switch PPC bidding away from these terms and use the funds on covering other terms.

Web Marketing Agency provides SEO reports on a monthly basis & have a number of clients utilising our SEO services.