MREC Display Banners

The 300×250 is the Most Requested Ad Size by Advertisers

From a branding perspective, the 300×250 is considered by most advertisers as the strongest performing ad unit, thus creating high demand by advertisers.

The 300×250 is sometimes known as the MREC, Media Rectangle or Island Ad unit. Because of its dimensions, the 300×250 is ideal for in unit video as the ad unit looks much like a 4:3 TV screen.

Features of the 300×250 ;

  • Strongest Performing Ad unit
  • Ideal for in unit video placement
  • Ideal for all types of rich media
  • Can be run as an expandable unit or standard unit
  • Approved IAB Ad Unit

Don’t have a 300×250 Ad Creative ?

VC2+ can take your existing creative assets and develop 300×250 ad units for your campaign using your brand standards quickly and cost effectively.