Not sure whether to run a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or a Pay Per Click (PPC) program? Research shows this is one of the most confusing questions when it comes to internet marketing. Should you run both? It depends.


Search Engine Optimisation 'SEO' – *Red below* : a process undertaken in order to improve a website's position in the search engines. This involves : 'page title and meta description optimisation', 'external and internal link building', 'article publishing', 'social media blogging' and creating excellent and valuable content.

Pay Per Click 'PPC' – *Blue below* : A form of advertising whereby the advertiser pays for every click of the advertisement.

SEO and PPC are online search engine marketing techniques. Both have the affect of increasing your websites visibility. If your site, or links to your site, are more widely available on the web, then this will result in an increase in traffic and sales.

The differences between SEO and PPC

  • Costing methods : SEO – Clicks cost nothing, but charged at the amount of time the SEO Agency's Internal and External Optimisations.
  • Speed at which results appear online : PPC ads – live within a few hours – SEO may take a few months for a new website
  • Longevity : PPC ad disappears as soon as the budget is reached. Whereas an SEO campaign may yield results for long after the SEO consultant stops working
  • Expertise : SEO consultant – internal page factors and link building – PPC consultant – Ad adjustment / Titles for maximum ROI

Advantages of SEO

  • Higher ROI – no cost per click
  • A search engine optimised listing can remain for months – the amount of months depends on the competitiveness of the keyword
  • high organically ranking sites are regarded as being more credible by search engine users

Disadvantages of SEO

  • Can take a great deal of time to achieve high rankings for competitive search phrases

Advantages of Pay per Click

  • A PPC campaign can be launched and begin receiving traffic within hours
  • Results are highly measurable
  • Great tool for improving visibility when waiting for the results of your SEO program to materialise

Disadvantages of Pay Per Click

  • PPC costs have been increasing and may not always be a good return on investment

The Verdict

If you have a small budget, and want sales quickly, PPC.
If you have a larger budget wanting results now and want long term benefits, spend on both.

To maximize your ROI it is our opinion that SEO and PPC SHOULD go hand in hand to compliment each other on exposing your company or brand to not only as many people as possible, but as many of the RIGHT kind of people.

For more information about your Online Marketing Strategy, see your local Web Marketing Agency – or speak to us.