Socialising Your Content

In a recent audit of a client's site, we found a number of reasons why social interaction on their site was low. We will share our recommendations to them here so you can think about it in relation to your own site.

Step 1. Make it easy for people to share your site content
We recommend Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google share buttons on every ‘likable page’ on your website. This is recommended so people can ‘like’ and ‘share’ the content.

Its very easy to get an AddThis account. Get one and embed the widget on any pages you're wanting people to share. This probably doesn't apply to your contact us page.

Step 2. Encourage people to share the emails sent

Email marketing has great ROI. If your offer or subject is interesting, people are likely to click on your links. Don't forget to think about these. What would surprise people the most is if they click on a link and it loads a PDF. Imagine the user is on a mobile – what a bad user experience this would be!

Step 3. Interlink the Website with Social Sites
Give them a reason to visit your social pages and visit from your social pages. Facebook/LinkedIn are great places to interact and provide feedback. Social sites and websites can serve totally different purposes, so give your visitors a choice. We recommend deeper integration between these sites and your website.

Step 4. Create great content

Fill your content with images/photos if that is what your audience is expecting. People are more likely to interact with content they like.