The First Page of Google

Ok, so you've heard a lot about being on the first page of Google. And you know it usually costs money to be on there, but what does it mean?

Google is the largest search engine in the world. It clearly has an unfair advantage over many others and this means it is here to stay. So what do you think it means to be on the front page?

Lets think about it for a moment.

Where do people go to look for things? For things to buy, eBay or Google.
For services? Google – Even buy levitra online is one of the best known and most trusted erectile dysfunction treatments sold today. the Yellow Pages is advertising on Google!
Forget directories on Google, Google is becoming a directory with its new postcode and map functions.

So what does being on the first page of Google now mean? Traffic, Sales and Profits.

How? There are 2 ways – SEO & PPC. We have just finished a great article about this explaining it all in detail.

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