What does Google Instant mean for SEO?

There have been many articles written about Google Instant since it was released a few weeks ago. So, what does this change for the consumer? and what does this change for SEO?

For consumers: Google users now see a changing list of results as they type. Google considers this a significant step forward in the evolution of search. It claims the new system will save between two and five seconds per search.

For SEO: It depends – if a consumer usually types 3 words to get a result that they're looking for, and now only type 2 words to get the results they want, then optimizers may have to cater for an additional keyword.

For example, if a site is optimised for “leather handbags for sale” and the consumer is happy with the instant result for “leather handbags”, then it needs to be optimised for “leather handbags” now. Basically it means some extra keywords to seo for. No big deal.

Webmasters must now note Google's keyword suggestions which quickly pop-up and target them in their SEO efforts. Analyzing and targeting which keyword phrases Google are displaying in your niche market will be vital to capturing the majority of the traffic. Surfers will click on Google's suggestions to find what they're looking for on the web. Getting top rankings for those 4 or 5 suggestions will become important if an online marketer or webmaster wants to cover/corner all the search territory in their niche.

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