What is Google Adwords?

Google search provides one of the largest advertising networks in the world is available for business to target through Google AdWords Campaigns. The sponsored links appear as a small text ads above and alongisde your search queries on Google and across a number of Google partner search engines such as AOL and within sites using Google custom search engine. The Google network includes a number of search and content websites including blogs and other products. The Google network is the world’s largest advertising network reaching over 86% of internet users worldwide. The benefit of Google AdWords campaigns is that you can be certain that your ads will reach your target audience.

AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using one of your keywords. Ads appear under ‘Sponsored links’ in the side column of a search page, and may also appear in additional positions above the free search results. That way, you’ll be advertising to an audience that’s already interested in your business. You can also choose to display your ads on Display Network sites in the growing Google Network. And, you can choose the exact Display Network placements where you’d like your ad to appear, or you can let contextual targeting match your keywords to content.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats, including text, image, and video ads, and easily track your ad performance using the reports available in your account.

Google AdWords are Quick & Effective
Google Adwords campaigns are one the of quickest and most effective marketing mediums available to business, typically a campaign can be setup within 48 hours. The speed and customisation of campaigns possible is amazing, and any business who is not using Adwords to run their marketing campaigns, is missing out. We can guarantee that your competitors are currently using Google AdWords to steal leads from searches around your brands so why not ensure that you own both the paid and organic results for your brands.

Start Live within 48 Hours
We can work with your business to get an Adwords campaign running from as little as $50/month (including management). Web Marketing Agency also consults with businesses who are currently spending between $500-$35,000/month.

So if you need an extra boost to your business or just want to buy a that AdWords spot above your competitors AdWords contact us.