What is Social Media Optimisation?

You may start hearing SMO being used more, and it may become as frequently used as SEO. SMO is an acronym for Social Media Optimisation. It’s also known as SMM (Social Media Marketing). If you don’t know what social media is already, they are websites that have a community of people with similar interests that allow its users or members to network and communicate on various topics. Prime examples of this are Facebook, MySpace, Digg, and Squidoo. There are literally hundreds of social media website currently online and its a list that will probably keep growing as people’s thirst for social interaction grows online. You are probably a member of one or ten of them.

SMO is still a developing discipline of online marketing. It is very different from traditional marketing. It doesn’t involve banner ads or any other commercial to convince you to take action, but rather SMO sells by recommendations of others, specifically others that are trusted with similar interests. Facebook has become the leader in this field with its Fanpages and “Likes”.

The idea behind SMO is that you’re no longer an advertiser, you’re a member. Participate in forums, comments, and build a reputation. This will take time just like any real online marketing programs. When you have found a base of members with similar interests, you can encourage your fellow members to re-post links. Just like in traditional linking methods, you must link to something of quality.

The second step is the make your website linkable. That mean creating a dynamic site where it is updated frequently, users can be involved, and have a reason to keep coming back. An easy and simple way is to create a blog. Notify your readers via social media when you post. This is a great way to build a reputation and to drive traffic to your website.

To build reputation, give something back the community. For example, create a free PDF or a video that your members can use and re-distribute. This goes a long way with your reputation.

The key to SMO is the build a trusted reputation. Use this reputation to then encourage purchases of products or services. Look at it like your own community of friends and co-workers.